Anti-aging treatments provide special protection for the skin, preserving its tightness and luster. Our therapy’s secret relies on the nutrient-rich, hydrating components of the products, which absorb deep beneath the facial skin layers.

The therapy supports skin recovery by revitalizing, as well as stabilizing, the moisture capacity of every cell while protecting it from wrinkles.

Ultimately, the face will reflect a healthier and more youthful look, appearing fresh and bright. For each treatment, product lines from the following brands are utilized: Shiseido, Carita, and Hyamatrix. However, our aestheticians will create individualized treatments, or apply one of the Signature treatments that the brand provides.

A rich, luxurious creamy foaming cleanser with anti-aging ingredients

Highly active cream for all types of skin concerns. Tighten, brighten and revitalize skin.

Unveils women’s youthful radiance

An intensive anti-aging cream for mature skin

Skin looks younger and smoother in one session

Your skin becomes much more youthful after just one treatment

The Mezopen is the most innovative tool for skin rejuvenation at present



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